In Mexico, there is no historical precedent for the National Women Protest, doubts emerge in social networks, in companies, and in institutions that have decided to join. Also, for women who do not precisely know what can be done that day.

Therefore, here are some keys to understand what it is, what should be done, and how to do it.

1. "The disappearance of women."

The main idea of the National Women Strike, initially promoted by the collective Brujas del Mar, is that women "disappear" from the family, social, and economic life of the country so that men reflect on the importance of women''s role and curb with this gender violence. This is due to the rise of femicides in the country.

Women are being asked not to go to work, not to go to schools, not to buy things, or consume anything. In the house, they are asked not to carry out activities which they are accustomed to, as well as to leave the care of relatives to men.

2. It is not a rest day

One of the main confusions of the National Women''s Protest is that companies believe we are asking for a day off. Some companies have joined the protest by offering statements that "women will be given the day." Although it is appreciated that there are no economic sanctions for women who want to join, the idea is to notice the absence of the female figure in work.

The Anáhuac University stated on February 23 that all activities at the university would be canceled.

This caused criticism as it is not a day off, users said, but of reflection on the absence of women.

3. Nor is it a strike

The National Women''s Protest is not a strike in strictly legal terms because it is not reserved for the specific workplace, nor does it align with the criteria stipulated by Article 450 of the Federal Labor Law.

Protests have social dyes, and beyond promoting that women do not attend their work, it also actually includes that there is no economic participation, not making purchases, not going out, not using social networks, etc.

4. What should women do that day?

There has been much talk about what women have to do that day. The group, in an interview with La Cadera de Eva, says that "There are no limitations on what to do on the National Women''s Day."

They say they only released the call, and users of social networks have proposed everything else.

Some affirm that it can serve women as a day of self-care and reflection. Others say they prefer to do activities that they generally cannot do since they keep busy looking after children, doing chores or working.

What to do that day is a personal decision for each one. However, it would be essential to comply with the main idea of the call: the absence to be noticeable.

5. It is not a party for men

The call seeks men to reflect. This moment would be fundamental for men to do an act of conscience and reflection so that they recognize the problem of machismo that our country has and that, sometimes, without realizing it, reproduce normalized behaviors.

(María José Pardo/ Traducción: Valentina K. Yanes)