The male orgasm provokes an ejaculation or expulsion of semen necessary for human procreation with millions of sperm that have the objective of fertilizing the ovary and giving way to pregnancy. However, little is known about the functions of the female orgasm other than pleasure.

What is the goal of female orgasm for sexual reproduction?

It was believed that it was only essential to be pregnant, but experts have found that this may not be entirely true.

The female orgasm consists of a series of rhythmic contractions in the perineal area, in the vagina and the uterus, which provide enjoyable sensations and, subsequently, a feeling of well-being. However, the idea if this reaction to sexual stimulation has any effect other than pleasure. In this article, we tell you what science has found about the functions of the female orgasm.

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Functions of the female orgasm

The pleasure and desire to have sex exists in both men and women, so sexual relations generally occur to obtain satisfaction, and the ultimate goal is reproduction. If orgasm occurs, in both cases, there is an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing, which becomes more profound and faster until it becomes a gasp. Then the facial muscles contract, the mouth is open, the nostrils are dilated, and there is a slight shortness of breath.

In general, the body response during the sexual climax in both sexes is similar. In women, there are contractions in the vaginal walls, which do not occur by chance. According to a study published in the journal Animal Behavior and taken up by BBC Mundo, they have an absorbent function of the sperm.

According to the researchers of this study, the female orgasm's contractions help retain the highest amount of semen in the vaginal canal, increasing the chances of a healthy pregnancy occurring.

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Pleasure and well-being also influence

Enjoying a great orgasm causes, within a few minutes, a feeling of well-being accompanied by exhaustion and sleep that, according to science, also has a role in the process of human reproduction. The fatigue that precedes orgasm favors the woman to lie down or rest in a horizontal position, which helps to retain the sperm, unlike only having intercourse and standing up, causing most of the semen to come out. Lying down increases the chances of conception. Furthermore, a study by the Swiss Division of Reproductive Endocrinology showed that the hormonal impact caused by orgasm is linked to the substance that produces milk, prolactin. The stronger and better, the higher the peak of the production of this hormone. In conclusion, the female orgasm provides very satisfactory sensations for women to promote pregnancy if the decision is made to have a child. If not, it is a reaction that can undoubtedly lead us to maximum pleasure and enjoy full sex life.

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