More and more women choose not to have children. Motherhood is no longer the only aspiration of women, and society has gone from calling them "spinsters" to creating new conceptualizations. An example of this is the latest denomination of modern aunts: PANK. The term "PANK" was spread by Melanie Notkin, a marketer, and it stands for Professional Aunt With No Kids. These aunts have the characteristics of being professionals with sufficient purchasing power to provide them with independence and stability.

They are role models of female empowerment for girls

Indeed, aunts have always been parenting support for the mothers of children, when parents have to go out, they usually ask grandmothers or aunts to take care of the children. Besides being in contact with their nieces and nephews, Pank aunts are role models of female empowerment for girls.

PANK, who freely decide not to be mothers and not follow the stereotype of women marked by the patriarchy (dedicated to caring for the family and home), represent a source of inspiration for girls and also influence their way of seeing the world. They know that women should be free to decide about their destiny, body, and profession.

The PANKs become an example of a strong woman for girls. How lucky to have them for advice or any teenage doubt that maybe mom would scandalize or worry, the PANK creates unequaled complicity with their nephews without forgetting that they must take care of them.

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The firm, independent, and successful women that PANK represent are an excellent example for girls to follow. A model of an empowered and free woman close by is an excellent help for feminist upbringing.

Also, the girls will know that they will always have strong support in their favorite aunt to face the world no matter what happens.

They freely decide not to have children but are active participants in their nephews and niece's lives.

Any boy or girl would want a PANK, because, in addition to giving them attention and love, they can also become significant financial support for nieces and nephews.

Being women with economic independence and financial stability, they can spoil their nieces and nephews and even collaborate voluntarily in their education.

These women who freely decide not to have children are active participants in their nieces and nephews' lives. Through play and attention, they become great accomplices of boys and girls. PANK aunts are the most attached to a second mom, but fun. They tend to build strong bonds, a unique and special relationship, they occupy an essential place in the hearts of boys and girls, just as infants occupy a special place in the hearts of aunts.

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Are you a PANK aunt?

If you have a stable full-time job, financial stability, are between 36 and 42 years, financially generous with your nieces and nephews for pleasure, and have decided not to have children, in short, you are a PANK. Surely your nieces and nephews will thank you, and no doubt you have a special place in their lives.

Traducción: Valentina K. Yanes