A study by the neuropsychologist Rhonda Freeman found that music affects three brain regions: the pleasure and rewards center, the system that creates social connections, and the system that processes our emotions. These three regions are closely related to sexual response, so choosing the right songs while you are in a passionate encounter is the key to satisfaction.

"These systems allow the pleasant experience of sex to be amplified with music and allow music to deepen its connection with the couple while subjecting negative emotions," explains the specialist in her study taken up by GQ. However, it was also shown that not all songs have a positive effect on sex; it is essential to know how to choose and pay attention to the most effective rhythms. Tracey Cox, an expert in sex, relationships and body language, made the study "The Aphro-Deezer-ac Report", in conjunction with a popular streaming platform. The conclusion, the ten best songs to have great sex: 

Let's get it on- Marvin Gaye 

2. Love to love you baby- Donna Summer 

3. Skip- Rihanna 

4. Drunk in love- Beyoncé 

5. Sexy back- Justin Timberlake 

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6. Love me like you do- Ellie Goulding 

7. Lollipop- Lil Wayne 

8. Need you tonight -INXS

9. Magic -Coldplay 

10. Intro- The XX

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Obtaining the top 10 best songs to have sex, required researchers to survey users of the streaming platform. The results showed that more than 30% of participants accepted that music elevates their sexual desire and that sex is much better, more satisfying, and enjoyable when they do it following the rhythm of those melodies. 

For many, music gave them better sex, it helped them better control their nerves and the feeling of weirdness when they were about to have a sexual encounter with a new person or who wanted to impress with their sexual performance. So now, you know, if you're going to enjoy many orgasms and an intense sexual encounter, add these songs to have sex to your special playlist for intimate moments and see if they are effective in raising your sexual desire.

Traducción: Valentina K. Yanes